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Ceiling mountable type Industrial HVLS Fans are ideal for thermal stratification during winter season. Known for their large air flow capacity, these ceiling fans are perfect air delivery choices for high ceiling based buildings. Besides improving indoor air quality, these fans are useful to reduce electricity bill of various commercial and industrial structures. These high volume low speed ceiling fans are effective in moving large amount of trapped heated air inside any structure to improve indoor air quality. Industrial HVLC Fans can be availed with direct drive motor or gearbox motor. Standard blade length of these fans produces large air column to cover more space.
AC power driven Commercial HVLS Fans are well known for their large air volume and maximum 65 db noise generation level. These types of ceiling fans have extensive applications in various commercial buildings and also in educational institutes with large ceiling height. Driven by AC power, these 5 blade based fans consume only 220 v voltage. These energy efficient high volume low speed ceiling fans are accessible in 24 feet size. Standard length of their blades generates high air volume which is necessary to drive out concentrated heated air trapped inside any room. These low cost Commercial HVLC Fans have adjustable parameters that make these truly user friendly.
This range of single phase gearless HVLS Fans is well known for its high air flow efficiency. These 5 blade based ceiling fans can produce 390000 cfm air volume that maintains perfect ambiance inside any structure. These 80 kg fans are equipped with Danfoss variable frequency drive for better performance, 1.2 kw motor and wall mountable type control pane ( with IP 55 rating ). Hanging structure and frame of this range of ceiling fans is made of mild steel with powder coated surface. With having 24 feet dimension, these gearless HVLS fans are compatible with building management system ( BMS).